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Very Tired

Day 9, and feel and look shattered. Got about 7 hours sleep, so should be enough. I am really hoping energy is going to come back at some point soon.

Although i had a few too many beers over the weekend, i have eaten healthy all last week and over the weekend. Bit de-moralising when you still feel bad.

Going to stick to my one cup of coffee in the morning and drink plenty of water again. Hopefully feeling this lethargic is short lived!

Have a great monday all.

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sorry to read your feeling so tired Ben you could always try and boost yourself up with taking some vitamins liquid form or capsules are better as they start to work quicker hope your soon feeling more energised

onwards and upwards is the way to go


Reply levels have disappeared today :(


If anyone works out what the cause/effect relationship is, I'd like to hear it. I'm OK today, but I was completely out of it yesterday (day 14).


Me to! Yesterday I lended up falling asleep on the sofa at 18.00 ... Which is unheard of!! Have found today that an exercise class has helped. Glad to hear this is 'normal'. It's great to hear everyone's stories which get me through each day. Keep up the hard work guys.


Ditto.. I fell asleep watching local news (6.30) pm, when will I feel normal again:confused :confused:


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