No Smoking Day
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day 1 again

Feeling very good, never been in a better mood, everything is funny, but my pupiles feels growing, also im dizzy, but i can feel a difference on my hands, - the are very calm idk if this will be pernament but i used to shake a lot on my hands when i smoked.

last time i tried to quit i quit for 3 days, i will do it today, ive been getting used to only smoke at night, and not smoke a single cigerette until 7, and smoke 10 until midnight and sleep

AND! I can sink good again, and sing and stuff and talk without sink all the time already

also i feel like i have more voice in my voice if u get me

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well done on deciding to quit:) just remember to drink sips of water and try keeping mind and hands busy when a craving comes on

onwards and upwards is the way to go



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