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Being Evil

Has anyone else become particularly evil to their OH during their quit? I find I am perfectly pleasant to everyone else, but poor him, he gets it in the neck constantly! I blame him for everything!

One of the things is I know he absolutely cannot stand smoking. He has never been with a smoker before, and got with me during a previous quit, and my relapse nearly ended our relationship. It is almost like I bait him so he annoys me and then I have the excuse that I am smoking to get back at him? It is so weird, and not a side of me that I like at all. He is trying his best to be supportive, but I am being a nightmare to him! I feel terrible and psychotic and mean and generally horrible, and I cannot seem to help myself.

If anyone has any advice, I would gladly take it. We are supposed to be going to Niagara Falls for a long weekend this weds for my birthday, I am seriously thinking I will not go (not booked yet) as I am better off giving us a break from each other. :(

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Oh don't cancel your sounds wonderful and maybe being in a new place will be a good distraction from trials of quitting.

As a non-smoker it must be difficult for him to understand what you're going through, but he sounds like he's being supportive. Tell him how much you appreciate that support and say sorry when you should!!

It WILL get better for you!

Have a great time at the Niagara Falls (v.envious!!!) And Happy Birthday.

(I didn't have an Other Half during this last quit so I had no-one to be horrible to ;) I'm sure other people will have some more relevant advice)


OH' s always gets the dark side sadly :(

when your having a moment of calm tell him how much his support is worth to you and how much he means show him some of the threads on side effects if he is a none smoker he needs educating otherwise he will never understand they should run a forum for partners of quitters


go enjoy change of scenery will do you both good :)

Hugs xx


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