No Smoking Day
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cant believe im here and not a single cigarette, funny watching big brother (yes im sad) they were smoking and for split second thought mmm could do with one , think it will always be like that, but youve just got to say im not that smoking person any more, really if i can do it anyone else can , i was on 50 to 60 a day and smoked since i was 14 so 23 years of it , i wish id had the mindset to do this a long time ago .

ps saved 936 pounds aswell

pps cold turkey all the way

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oldestnewest go you :)

Whats the money going towards?

See i said my savings would be paying for my car to have some things done to it before my next mot...... instead i went out shopping, hitting the sales... mine was only £140 though lol Im determind to save from now on though.. theres things i want :)


havent really decided cherry, either holiday to oz to see my cousin or buy a yamaha r1 motorbike , will have to see , im just glad ive kicked the habit at last , i feel in my head that im done with smoking ever again which is a nice feeling , just need to shift the stone ive put on next jesus what a thought excercise lol


Well done Billybob :D


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