No Smoking Day
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Day four

Hi all, so I have got this far. Today I feel tearful (again) and lost, like something huge is missing from my life.

I've been eating mints, but today thought I'd try gum figuring this would be better for my teeth, big mistake, I now feel like I've got lockjaw! Being a serial toothgrinder chewing gum has made my already tense jaw worse.. So no more gum for me.

Carrots were interesting earlier but soon tired of them after a few. I'm a bit OCD on a good day so my flat is now cleaner than ever, but brain on permanent overdrive with twitchy body to match. My partner and son are both keeping distance and I catch them looking at me now and then with an expression of fascination.

I do hope this limbo feeling passes soon.

Best of luck to all who are with me on this difficult journey

Sarabop the ever so slightly insane x :eek:

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Hi Sarabop, reading your post just reminded me of myself so much. I am on day 5 and feel ok but at times i feel like I am mourning the lose of a friend but reading the posts this feeling seems to go. I have cleaned my house all weekend, mind i love the fresh smell instead of the horrible stale smell of smoke. I also tried eating carrots but after the second one I felt sick so at the minute am going through a crisps phase.

You are doing great and if your insane then so am I!!!;)


Hey Mojo

Well done... I suspect all us newbies have very clean houses, am sure it won't last , for me anyway.

Back at work tody so a bit easier to deal with :D

Day 5, done, I can now look forward to getting to a week smoke free

Hope all is going well for all others out there!

Sara crazy bop...


Day 7


Am now on day 7. I feel like a naggy old witch, am still tearful and every molehill is a mountain. Yes your life issues dont magically dissappear when you smoke BUT a lot of the way am am feeling and behaving is because im trying not to smoke. Its exhausting fighting the crave all day, then not sleeping well, then getting upset about it all - repeat in vicious circle.

Am now getting mad at my partner because he smokes, yet i feel i cant/shouldnt say anything because it makes me appear more psycho that i already am. Why am i so damn angry!

Work is horrid, hardly anyone chats in the office, i used to get my social 'fix' in the smoking shelter outside. The sky is blue and i can see them puffing away from here.

As you can see from the above its going great.:(

Im not going to give in, im just going to moan. Sorry everyone.

Miserable of Northampton


Moan all you like Sara, 1 week done - great milestone for you - be proud...I think we feel slightly sorry for ourselves at this stage of our quits because at the moment we are scared and frightened. For some frightened of the unknown and for me frightened of failing. In time you will be looking at your colleagues in the smoking shelter and thinking thank goodness I don't do that anymore. ;)

The Nicotine Monster inside you is creating these feelings, you are probably angry towards your partner as you are feeling a bit jealous, however it's not you feeling jealous it's the nicotine monster giving you these thoughts - it wants you to fail - it's hungry and wants feeding. :rolleyes:

I'm on the good old energy drinks to get me through the day...I heard glucose tablets help too. I remember from a few years ago one of the Ocotquits used to take vitamin B6 and C supplements. Can't remember why but think it has helped a few...worth a try?

Imagine what ideally you want to be in 12 months time...a healthy non-smoker? Keep that goal in your mind and aim for it.

Be proud and moan all you like but remember you have a choice and today as you have for the last 7 days - you have chose not to smoke and not to feed that horrible monster inside you.

Sorry for the ramble - all the best xx


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