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Back and starting here :)


Hi everyone,

Been a while since I was on here. I quit October 2010, but fell off the wagon (and I cannot even remember when!). Well I started a quit again on Christmas day. Going relatively well, except this time I feel tired all the time.

I am still in the USA (for those who were about last quit) and things are fine. One of the reasons I have quit again is because I start at the Cleveland Clinic in a few weeks and they will not employ smokers, and will test you, so not much choice! Also I want too, my son (now 5) keeps telling me "mummy, no more cigarettes!".

Not really sure why I started up again last time, I think it was just the "I can have one", I had one with some friends one night, then none for a few weeks, then another, I think I got complacent thinking, well if I can have one then stop again, then there is no issue. Before I knew it, one cigarette became one pack!

So, the motto of this quit is NOPE. I have a hectic year ahead of me, and cannot afford to waste an hour a day stood outside puffing!

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Hi Karri, not sure if they all have the same rule, but a lot of places are going smoke free here. My university is a no smoking campus - no smoking anywhere on the grounds. The hospitals mentality is that they are in the health business and therefore should be promoting healthy living, and cannot do that by employing unhealthy smokers. Not bad in principle, but they do employ a load of fat bastards, so seems slightly hypocritical!

Regardless, it is an added motivation to me for my quit. We are moving home soon (we have sold our house, but not found one yet to buy!) so will be nice to move somewhere and be smoke free! Also heading into winter here, and will not miss freezing my arse off in several feet of snow for my fix!.

but they do employ a load of fat bastards, so seems slightly hypocritical!

Haha. Nice one.

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