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Sitting here crying

Ive finally got everything put away in my new home, just some odds and ends of furniture to get now. My youngest son has moved in with me, loving that! Mostly everything is going well.

I thought I would look back at some of my older posts to read how I got through things the last time, then I came across the *Im leaving because Ive smoked post*

I sat and read all of your lovely replies again and it has brought tears to my eyes. This really has to be the best forum in the world, in fact a carling forum!

If ever I feel at a low ebb again, or if I feel like giving in again, thats the post Im going to read. Your support and genuine concern for me really shone through. I wish I hadnt been such an arse and really taken in what was written at the time, my failure may not have lasted quite as long.

I really cant thank all of you enough.

Lillie xx

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It’s lovely to know that you are finally beginning to get through the boxes that’s the worst part of moving not knowing where to start, it’s also lovely that your boy has moved in with you, he doesn’t smoke does he LOL

I sometimes read through my early post more for a laugh now but still some can make me feel teary.

Don’t worry that you had a while of not being so strong; your Octi quit buddies will still always be there for you.

I sometimes wish I had waited for a more normal time so I could have joined a proper group, but even though I didn’t the support from this forum was what got me from day one to 2 years + quit.

Take care.


Sending you virtual ((Hugs)) you have been an inspiration in supporting people on here too in your own way this site is like an online family/community full of people that share a common purpose to support each other while we each in our own ways try our best to keep smoke free

Rereading early posts certainly helps you to refresh your memory of what you was going through at the time i think your a stronger person now

Onwards and upwards is the way to go

Hope all goes well tomorrow i wilbe thinking of you


Good luck Lillie on your new day 2, day 1 didn't mean the world was gonna end like i thought it might, ive also tried before but it's a first for a smoking forum and it's working for me.


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