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Day 6 but worried about drinking and smoking!

Hi I'm 20 years old, a student and started smoking when I was about 14/15. I thought the time was right for me to stop smoking because of health reasons as well as the cost of smoking!! I used to smoke up to 20 a day and it would double if i went on a night out, and yep it was more than once a week so i was smoking a hell of a lot. I'm now back at uni after the xmas break and now everyone else is coming back we've decided to go out on a massive bender!! I'm really worried that if I start drinking alcohol that i'll end up smoking again!! and besides i dont want to be the only sober one :s Please help!! I forgot to mention i'm going cold turkey :eek:!!!


John :)

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Hi John welcome to the forum drinking when you have just quit isnt advised as you tend to be more reckess and put on the a different mindset

Can you just stick to just having a couple of drinks? So you can stay more in control especially if your out with smokers

Hope you manage to have a smoke free evening but dont beat yourself up if you do give in for most people it takes afew times to quit before they get there its a very hard habit to break but it can be beaten

Onwards and upwards is the way to go


Hi John,well on day 7 and this is what im dreading too..luckily I never drink in January (just something iv always done to detox) hoping that as it will have been a month I wont be tempted so just gonna deal with that hurdle when I come to it.

No advice really except just to stay in control and make everyone aware that you have stopped...good luck x


im dreading this one too! I have decidied to 'visit' the pub in the coming days (im on day 5) and just spend some time immersed in the environment and have a soft drink. Once achieved im then going to go to the pub and have a pint of my favourite finest ale (theres a fantastic real ale pub nearby), sit somewhere other than outside where i would usually have a fag, maybe take a newspaper and do the crossword?? ive got it all planned out yay!! im certainly not going to get inebriated until im certain my resolve wont erm dissolve. May venture for the soft drink this afternoon and see how it goes......


after having a few beers on sat nite i smoked half a fag, its hard when you drink, i am not going to let it detere me, i dont want to be a smoker, u need to make sure when u are out with everyone that they encourage you not to smoke and dont offer you any


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