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its a toughie this one


Hi there, im day four and woke this morning with a really bad sore throat, also headache all day and generally feel out of sorts. Since i stopped smoking I feel fairly good and positive all day until about 5pm when my mood turns (im staying off alcohol for the time being). I know its the time i would usually smoke and drink. Finding it a battle of my mind more than anything trying to (re) condition my thoughts, im generally quite upbeat but this is by far the hardest thing ive ever done..... Like this forum, feel im not soooooo isolated in my ups and downs

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Hi and welcome :)

Well done on reaching day for side effects range from colds, coughs insomnia, foggy head sadly its part of the process :( BUT they will pass

Just remember to keep hands and mind busy posting on here and reading some of the thteads will do both and help you to keep focused

Onwards and upwards is the way to go

Regards Carol


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