I'm on day 7 today and i have hit a brick wall! I found days 1-3 awful, then gradually the days have been improving, but today i am at my wits end! I have been feeling really angry all day with no patience. i couldn't find my hairbrush earlier and had a massive tantrum! i am usually very calm and it takes a lot for me to lose my temper. i can't count the amount of times i've nearly thrown in the towel and gone to buy some tobacco today, although something has stopped me. aaaaarghhh!! hope you're all having a better day, haha!

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  • You gotta stick with it, take a few deep breaths when you feel things getting a bit much.

    Soon you'll feel sooo good that it'll more than make up for the effort to get there.

  • Hang in there, you have got this far and your doing great.

    Some days are a little harder than others, make it simple for yourself.... make sure you dont carry any cash around, for the first 3 weeks of my quit, my purse was all but empty, just the absolute minimum amount of cash that i knew could get me where i needed to go (via bus) and for the things i might need to buy.

    This week has been the first time iv had too much money in my purse (at one point i had over £70 in there) but i didnt feel the need to buy any.

    Then again... im far too stubborn to get any. :rolleyes:

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