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All in it together!


Hi all :)

I'll try not to waffle - I'm on day 6 of not smoking. I smoked cannabis on and off (more on) for the last 7 years or so, and cigarettes largely socially from age 18-22 but the cigarettes picked up to 10 a day in the last 3-4 years or so due to work stress and my other half smoking a lot ("yeah I'll have one with you, why not").

The combination of both finally got to me too much. I've tried several times to quit with varying degrees of reduction and success but this time feels genuinely different! Last time I quit fags it went well for a while but I was still having a couple of Js on an evening so I never truly quit the habit.

So far my breathing is clearer, I've got far more energy, my concentration at work is about 10x what it has been in recent months, my confidence is through the roof, and I'm leaping out of bed in the morning like something from a Disney film. I LOVE THIS!

Saving a fortune, reducing my chance of dying, and feeling great. Admittedly I'm not struggling too much but I've joined up here to encourage others, and because I know that the more people I tell I've quit, the less likely I am to start again because I feel ashamed as hell when I fail at anything (not to belittle anyone here who "fails" - I've failed heaps of times in the past).

This time I feel SO driven about it, I really think I've cracked it. My gf has quit too, she's been much more into the fags than me and for longer (she's on this forum in fact :p) so we're in it together.

I get the odd craving, usually when waiting for something, or if I'm having some wine or whatever - but I've found distracting myself immediately is working miracles (the house has never been so tidy). Also I've had some cold-like symptoms, phlegm, and random itching (fingers and feet...)

That's it really - looking forward to the 1 week mark and I can already run up the stairs without puffing and wheezing after it. I look forward to helping out where I can and hopefully we'll all come out of the other side richer and healthier!



*edit* @Nickif: Yep, 100%! Quit at the same time as the cigarettes and so far not even remotely tempted - I've not had this much energy in literally years!

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Well played Matt for giving up, I take it you have kicked the canabis into touch as well.


Well done you :D

Thats a very positive post to read

Regards Carol


Well done joonyer

Im one of the people that have failed in the past, too many times to count in fact. The most time I stopped for was in October of last year and lasted about 61/62 days, cant really remember. Im now back on the wagon and raring to go.

Its great to read such positive posts.

Lilllie x

1 week, 2 hours and 5mins smoke free; woohoo :D

I think personally that if you fail with 1 and 1 only, people tend to give themselves a really hard time over it. A friend of mine did so after several weeks, and she said she hated it, felt sick, and threw 1/3 of it away.

In my opinion, that "fail" served only to reinforce why she quit! Though I guess it would be bad for some and good for others. I've given myself too many chances in the past so I don't see it happening again.

The itching is driving me mad though! Apparently due to increased circulation and should go away quite quickly... but my fingers and feet in particular are driving me insane! I just keep telling myself it's just my body mending itself (scratching the hell out of my nose while I type this...) so it's all good.

My dad's best mate died from the big C a few years back due to smoking too so I keep reminding myself of that. To throw my life away over something that I didn't even enjoy the majority of the time (it was just habit for the last few years) would be utterly ridiculous.

Anyway, hope everyone is still going strong - I think having people on here to share experiences with helps a lot.

thanks for the responses by the way, it helps :)


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