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No Smoking Day
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Day one ... DONE!

Being a smoker since 15 (27 now). On and off all my life but for the past 2 years it's been on for 2-3 months off for 5 months. Smoking about 10 a day.

I've got used to the starting and stopping and I don't even know why I start again. I think I get that "urge" down the line to have one and if I'm in a really happy mood I will have one.

Just feeling irritable today. Girlfriend is still smoking but she now has to leave the house to smoke. She had a choice to quit too but decided not to. I just can't stand the smell of smoke when I don't smoke. Really hate it. Even when she kisses me I can smell astray and I hate it.

Although I have the symptoms of withdrawal I've yet to actually feel the need for a cigarette. It's as if my body aint asked for one yet. Or I'm just so fed up with them I give them no thought.

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Well done on stopping taking each crave as it comes along and keeping mind and hands busy helps

it does get easier living with a smoker can make things easier and harder as seeing them smoke and smelling the smoke from them can repell you and :confused: tempt you

Reading some of the threads and posting on here will help keep you focused

Onwards and upwards is the way


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