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Newbie on day 3

Morning all, am sitting in bed browsing and came across this wonderful forum.

Usually I would be on at least my second cig of the day, but I quit on Weds this week. Yes it's difficult, I have cried, fidgeted, and been in a very strange place for the last few days but I'm still here and fighting the demon.

My partner smokes rollies, indoors, half the time I wish he would go outside to smoke.

This is my decision and I will quit regardless of the temptations around me.

There, my mini rant over.

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Well done sarah :)

Yes you need to get him outside to smoke!



I'm new to the forum and also on day 3, finding it alot harder today, chewing gum all the time, emotions all over the place angry one minute sad the next.

I know I'll get through it but it is difficult!!

Congrats for quitting and here's to a smoke free future!!!:D


hello to you both and welcome :D to this great site there is a new year quit group you could join that will help you even more in your quit as everyone is going through the same stages as you if you click on quick links then scroll down to social groups you will find them in there

well done and try and remember to take each craving as it comes along and keep mind and hands busy

living with another smoker can be hard but i know when after afew days when i first quit the smell just made me want to throw up rather then light up :eek:

onwards and upwards is the way too go



Ok... Kind of

Hi, thanks for you responses, was just offloading this morning and didn't really expect anything in return, so thank you for taking the time.

Today has gone reasonably well i think, I have noticed that my sense of smell has improved in a big way, not necessarily for the better! Also, the urge for a smoke comes crashing over me like a huge wave every now and then, not pleasant at all, finding myself really tense at times and teeth grinding is at an all time high.

Onwards though, not looking back.

Good luck to you all.

Also in my delirium I realised I'm actually day four, bonus!



I found day 3 the hardest so far.Well done you are doing great x


Keep it hard as it DOES start to get easier....just take it hour by hour

There is a lot of support on here :)

Well done



I'm heading towards day four in a few hours. Has not been that bad until the last couple of hours. Insomnia has kicked in big time!!!


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