No Smoking Day
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Day 4...almost through it

I cannot explain how helpful this website has been. It keeps me grounded and reminds me that I’m not alone and most importantly; it very inspirational and is a great contributor of my 4 day success.

Thus far, day two was my hardest. I've read that each day it will get easier and easier and that's so true.

Don't get me wrong, on day two i had no temptation however it's like I’m "healing" backwards because today i had multiple tempting moments however; i refuse to go cold turkey for 4 days now just to give in!

Good luck to you all...We can do it!;)

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Keep up the good work sassy = magic :)


Ditto...its brilliant isnt it,the support you get and others going through the same. Well done for getting to day 4..Im on day 7 and its such a proud feeling that iv nearly done a week,thatl be you in a couple of days...good luck and keep going strong x


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