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Grump and Emotional!

Day 6 and feeling nothing physically but I have turned into a grumpy git! I just want to be left alone for some reason!!! That and emotional, I swear I could cry if someone just said "do you fancy some tea" what's all that about??? I'm usually a tad grumpy if I'm honest but never emotional at all! Could this be some form of side effect? Have cigarettes been masking my emotions?? Who knows? Maybe someone reading this could tell me?? Agh well day 6 nearly done!!! That makes me happy at the very least!!


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Method: Cold Turkey!

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Sorry to read that :( it is one of the side effects but it will pass your doing so well start of week two on sunday how brill is that :D

Onwards and upwards



Aww WesMac I'm so sorry you are feeling bad, but this quit malarky does all sorts of emotional things to us :(. Add in a few life problems and that makes it worse. Everything you are feeling now is normal for the early days of a quit, but stay with it and very soon you will feel SO good - when I got to week 4 I was so happy I couldn't stop singing :D. So hang on in there, you are only a short time away from feeling GREAT, better than you have ever felt and it is so worth it. Keep thinking freedom from slavery to a weed :cool:


Zoe xx


Chin up, it's the NicoDemon screwing with you coz it's getting desparate - it'll bugger off real soon when it realises you are not gonna give it what it wants.

On a brighter note very soon you will be posting in the 2 week lounge :-)


Thank you guys. I'm still very positive despite feeling grumpy! I also put it down to a lack of sleep! Thanks for the encouragement.


Hi wesmac,hope its a better day for you 2day,days 2,3,4,5 were really hard for me...yesterday and today iv felt in a much brighter mood...hoping it keeps that way..apparently at 3 weeks it gets hard again...just keep thinking of the positives xx


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