Keeping it Going!

Today was a slightly tougher one - first time the Mrs and I have ever tried to sell a house and we're buying at the same time, loads of stress flying about, going for a mortgage application too... and whilst sat at work this morning I definitely had "something". They weren't cravings but they were signals from my brain to say "right now, this is what you're normally be doing".

Strange signals, just have to ignore them!

Monday will be a tough day, I already know this. The wife and I are so desperate to move house and it's being surveyed - for some reason we both expect problems so there are going to be some nerves as, if we're through the surveys then we're 99% moving.

Determined to just be "me" though and not "me + cigs" to cope with stuff. I'm a better and more productive bloke when I don't smoke, have to keep reminding myself that :)

Hope all other day 3'ers are doing well

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  • Ahh bless moving is a big stress nightmare thats for sure :( but smoking isnt going to make it less stressful really thats just part of that mental mind block that you think smoking a ciggie will help just remember to keep mind and hands busy

    Your doing so well

    Onwards and upward

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