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Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow is the day I stop smoking.. I went to the chemist today to see if there was any stop smoking schemes.. The girl I spoke to was brilliant and spent a good 30 minutes with me offering me lots of advice (she is an ex smoker too) and has put me on a 10 week stop smoking course using patches..

along with all the usual reasons, my main one and the one that will see me stop for good is running.. I run 3 to 4 times a week and I am not seeing my expected progress any more.. Also I had a race a while back and you look pretty stupid having completed a 10k race standing there in your running gear smoking.. you get some very odd looks hehe

I will keep you updated on how I get on :)

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Well done you :)

Lotsa of luck.....the support from here is soooper dooper :rolleyes:



Welcome and well down for deciding to stop smoking :) planning and choosing your quit day works for most people

This forum is full of people that are going through various stages of quitting and are here for support and any advise and questions you have there is a new year quit team you could join if you want to as they are all going through the same stages that you wilbe going through just click on quick links scroll down to social groups and you will find the group in there

Just remember to take each craving as it comes and keep mind and hands busy till it passes which it will they do get weaker

Onwards and upwards is the way to go



Thanks... some kind works of support there... I am sure this isnt the last you have heard from me :) Feeling at this point is Scared... but excited :) not long now


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