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Day 5 - Insomnia

Hi all,

So nearly finished day 5....going well...cravings are still there but more manageable for me now!

Insomnia is the worst, 6 hours sleep over 3 days....not so bad this week because I'm off work but dreading next week...going to take a sleeping tablet tonight, try and regulate my sleep before Monday...any other quitters have a similar problem?

Also, side note: Now this may be complete paranoia but I am convinced one of my housemates (a confirmed smoker) is not happy with/jealous of my efforts to quit, picking silly fights etc. Now, I'm sure my tolerance levels are rock bottom but I also know it's not all in my head!! Anyone else have experiences of this? The last thing I need...

Sorry, a bit of a pessimistic post there but seriously, I feel it's going okay and I'm getting there slowly. Appreciating all the advice and encouragement on this forum. The best thing is knowing your not doing it on your own! Keep going everyone :)


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I had insomnia something terrible so I know how bad it is but thankfully I slept better last night and i'm in to day 6.

If you really need to catch up on some sleep the take a Nytol or something but it really will ease anytime now so don't get the mindset that you are gonna need to rely on them - you won't.

You have done really well and things are gonna improve real soon.



Hey all, well day seven here and well chuffed...but the no sleeping thing is kind of getting me down! Awake until 6am this morning,thats usually the time i get up not go to sleep........and thats after a 10 mile bike ride,whats going on??? I can only put it down to the no smoking, I used to have absolutely no trouble sleeping........and could sleep through anything,not any longer.......I am sure it will pass,any one have any ideas as to when tho?

Apart from that,the cold turkey seems to be going rather well....fingers crossed it stays like it,well done fellow quitters



Was awake until 5am a couple of nights back,love my sleep and never had problems before sleeping,I never knew there would be so many weird with drawal symtoms.Sleeping alot better now onto day 7 though x


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