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pongo breath

:mad:since quitting smoking 3 mths ago my breath pings, it smells like a dead cat did it always smell like that and has it come to my attention due to my sense of smell returning? maybe smoking disguises it. im hoping it will go away soon . mmmmmm maybe the tar from my lungs is clearing and what i can smell is the carnage in my lungs.... its disgusting i want it gone...

Mash x

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You could try floss? :D


Yup could definately mean your teeth need flossing. I noticed that when I stopped smoking which means I had mingy bad breath + smokers breath....not bloody nice to the people I inflicted that on, poor hubby, friends and work colleagues!!! I had gum disease from not flossing, if this continues unchecked you could loose your teeth so I'd suggest a trip to the dentist.

Either that or you have post nasal drip????

Failing that....yes it's the crap still on your lungs that you are smelling but I thought most of that would have cleared itself by now.

Hope you get is sorted mash as it's not very nice.

Lisa x


I think you should consider consulting an oral hygienist.


let battle commence

:mad:Thanks guys i think its caused by an infected root underneath a dental bridge a yr ago i went to an emergency detist due to an abcess on it he said my dentist should have removed the root yrs ago. iv mentioned it to my usual dentist and hes very defensive and trying to get me to agree to having the affected teeth out and a denture :eek:for yrs iv been telling him that there is infection in it and hes always said that was normal with bridges. i hate proffessionals who try to cover their backs i dont like this kind of battle me against a smartase proffessional its smoking food.



:eek:Floss Floss Floss, I also had to do this too, and had a few teeth out too. Seek dentist. Good luck.


Quit Date: 10.2.12


I have a 'stinky' tooth.

I thought I had pongo breath for ages and despite flossing, cleaning, mouthwash etc still had this odd smell every now and again.

I realised it was when I'd put a pen or similar in my mouth and then taken it out.

After a while it dawned on me that it wasn't my mouth but one very specific tooth that really ponged.

It was a root filled front tooth that had had repeated abscesses and was now post-crowned.

My dentist tried antibiotics but said that there wasn't a good enough blood supply to get them to the site of the chronic infection and the bugs would slowly nibble away at the interface of tooth and jaw loosening the whole thing.

On the bright side she did say my breath was as sweet as a summer rose despite the stinky tooth.

Like you I have a retained nerveless root (the base of the crown) with a permanent infection at the tip and a constant but tiny leaching of infected 'material' down the side of the tooth and into my mouth.

I've got so fed up of the crown coming out of the slowly crumbling root that I'm in next week for its removal and a bridge.

Yours sounds awfully similar to what I have except I'm having the root out now.

Hopefully your breath is also sweet but fingers, pens etc that go in your mouth and near the area come out a bit smelly too. :(


Me too

My wife thinks something has crawled into my mouth to die. I went to the dentist today and my teeth, roots, gums are all fine :confused:. I do have a broken filling and there was some crud below the gums which they cleaned. We'll see what the verdict is when I see her tonight. I'll post the results tomorrow.



Ok, so tomorrow took a little longer to arrive. My broken filling is now fixed and my mouth feels fresher, although not perfect. Maybe if I stopped drinking coffee, or beer, or eating curries.... Where does it stop???


Try flossing and mouthwash twice a day.. And also brushing ur tongue as well.. And drinking lots of water thru out the day :D


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