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Day 6 Stats

ok so i have checked my stats on my iphone app,

its has been 5days 6hrs and 43mins since my last ciggie

i have saved £10.42

i havn't smoked 39 cigs

i have increased my life expectancy by 3hrs 10mins

Still going strong, this is weekend is going to be the big test, but on saying that i am currently not drinking so that should make it a little easier

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nice one Craig your doing so well and still being so positive yep its your first weekend of not smoking but if you keep in mind your reasons and keep your mind and hands busy when you get a craving you will get through it and then you wilbe into week 2 :D

onwards and upwards


Hi 6 for me app says...

Stopped for 5 days 13 hours 30 mins

Not smoked 55 cigs

Saved £19.45

Time saved 5 hours 30 mins

Ooohh,dont you just feel so proud of urself lol...not long til its a week! x


Is it the MLC app you're both using? I found that one really good


Not sure Barney,mines android app,I downloaded loads to see which was best,found this 1 to be good,very basic tho x


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