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Day 6 and feeling so really weird?!

Hi all.

I'm a newbie here and have found this website really helpfull in my last 6 days of non smoking.

Just looking for some advice on if these feelings i have are normal?

I'm a 20 year old male and used to smoke about 20 a day up until around November last year. I then cut down to about 10 a day for that month and towards the back end of the year was probably down to 6-7. I gave up on new years eve after a pretty heavy night drinking. On new years day I obviously felt like crap but feel like I'm still suffering nearly a week later and was wondering if its to do with not smoking??

I feel reaaly anxious and worried that I'v done something. I can hardly sleep I'm that worried about it.

I know this sounds weird but was just wondering if anyone else feels the same?



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Hi Perry and welcome to the forum :) well done on staying smoke free for 6 days thats brill these feelings your having are natural so dont worry :confused:

the good news is they will pass your body is going through alot of changes now your stopped btw are you using nrt or cold turkey? as if your going the later the feelings your having are even more intense but will pass quicker

there is a new year quit team you could join that will help as then your with people that are all going through the same stages at the same time if you click on quick links and then scroll down to social groups you will find them in there this site and all the people on here are all at different levels of quitting and there is always someone around to offer as much support as you want and need

education is the key to help you in your quit and there are plenty of posts in the different threads on the forum

onwards and upwards is the way




Hi Carol and thanks for the reply:)

I'v quit Cold Turkey as I had already been gradually cutting down so thought it would be OK. I always new it wouldnt be easy to quit but thought it might be a bit easier than this!

Will look into that New Year quit team as i need all the help I can get at the moment! Its not so much as having a fag that is bovering me its knowing that if i do this feeling of sadness and dread will go away.

O well. Gota keep strong!

How long until I start feeling normal again then? Like i say I wasnt exactly smoking 60 a day so does that mean I'll feel better quicker?

Thanks again :)


Going cold turkey means your having alot of intense feelings in one go you may think the feelings of sadness and dread will go away if you have a ciggy but if they do they wilbe replaced with other feelings you have to remember that no matter how many ciggies you were smoking a day even if you cut down your still have to go through the withdrawel of not having your fix like any drug addict its going to take time and it does get easier every one is different dont forget as well your having alot of triggers reactions when you would normally have a ciggie say first thing in the morning or with a coffee or on a break its like relearning that you dont do that anymore if you try changing your routine slightly it will help and keeping hands and mind busy when you get a craving coming on here reading and posting will help keep both mind and hands busy


Hi Perry,Im on day 6 too :)...In the past when Iv gone cold turkey,I have felt the same,almost hungover feeling,headaches and sickness,shakes and sweats,lol...ud almost think we had been addicted to something harder!

Im now on Champix,it does give you the headaches and sicky feeling but definitly takes away the anxious and shaky feelings.

Id recommend it to anyone,people are in two minds about it because of the side effects but I think the side effects are going to come from the withdrawal anyway,especially from up more about it on here. It really does take the edge off.

Good luck and hope to see you around more x


Feeling weird, Normal

Hey Perry,

I'm also on Day 6 and things have definitely been weird this week. I have experienced many of the same symptoms you have. I've been feeling anxiety to the point of alertness most of the week and staying up most nights until last night I was so exhausted my body wouldn't allow me to stay up any longer. The nicotine is completely out of your system in 72 hours but the body can experience withdrawal for much longer. There are many natural ways you can quicken the withdrawal part including: Drinking lots of water, exercising, eating healthy foods, and it's very important to get plenty of sleep.

From the research I've done on this is that your body is basically using willpower to keep itself from smoking, which is very taxing in addition to the normal every day amount of will power a person uses. Don't give up just yet, I'm sure that we are getting near the end!


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