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Day 2 - Good Times!

And onto day 2!

Day 1 wasn't so bad in the end and today should be fine too. Have a mortgage meeting this afternoon and have stress going on with selling our house and buying another but, ultimately, there is never a "good" time to pack in the cigs - or at least your mind will convince you there is never a "good" time and postpone your quit as long as possible!

To be honest, with so much going on I think I'm going to be quite glad of the extra time to get everything done!

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thats a good positive post :D and you hit the nail so to speak right on the head as there is never a good time to quit or psst you need a ciggy to get you through this or over that hurdle :eek: that nic demon will use any ploy at his means to stop you from stopping and to tempt you back into smoking you just have to learn to ignore his wants i pretend mine is a very annoying kid having a tantram in the beginning now he is sulking somewhere and only pops up now and again ignoring and pretending he isnt there is the best way i deal with him

onwards and upwards hope your day goes well :)


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