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Day 52

Hi all, im doing ok pleased to say. Weather has been very windy and very wet. My wind has quietened down quite a lot. So i guess thats good then. Im going do some gentle exercise to help my waistline as down to one pair of trousers that just about fit. And ladies do you think your boobs have grown too. Cos mine have and feel a tad top heavy . Lol. Oh well. No more chocolate for me the roses have all been devoured. So now is the time to get fit. Hope everyone doing well in their quit. Jacqui. Quit: 14.11.11.

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windy :)

Hey Jacqui

Hope you mean the wind outside.... lol

I have been sooooo good on the food front this week, as like you waistline expanding always been a tad top heavy so am looking like the weebles wobble but they don't fall down :D

Really really going to try and get swimming tomorrow, been promising myself all week.

Ain't we doing fab !!!!

Hope you're ok, big hugs and well done :-)


Hi Sara and yes im fine thanks hope your ok. I will be going swimming too but got to buy a new costume cannot get into me otherone. Yes i did mean about the wind outside. Lol. Jacqui


Hey fleetwood. I wish I cud of been eating the chocolate and the sweeties!! But suffering with smokers flu, u kno the post nasal drip so trying a dairy free diet n trying that approach cus thats the worst thing about my quit! Been on it nearly a week n noticed a massive difference. And my waistline has lost some too!! Roll on the days wen I can get the dominos in again hehehehehe.


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