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Day 5 - feeling good

So this is my first thread on here and it feels good to get things off my chest (pun very much intended)! Anyway, I've read quite a few threads and been encouraged to keep my nicotine battle going! I was smoking 20+ a day for

7 years without ever having a day of not smoking! And prior to that I was smoking 10+ a day but could have the odd day where I didn't have one!

Days 1 & 2 for me seemed a doddle! I was highly motivated, I was pleasing myself and everyone else too! However after that came day 3, the most difficult so far! Everywhere I looked I saw cigarettes, cigarettes with legs and briefcases walking down the road, bidding each other a good day! It made me stressed and I wanted to go and buy some marlboros but resisted! I impressed myself with my new found will power! Day 4 took the pattern of days 1&2 and as for day 5 well I'm getting through that slowly and steadily! I'm now smoke free for 112 hours!!! That's 4 days 16 hours! That's the longest I've been without a cig since before I started smoking aged 16! I realised I can do this after 24 hours and if I can so can everyone! We all just need to encourage eachother etc! So all of you quitters, keep it going, WE are doing a mighty fine job!



Smoke free since: 31/12/11 23.52

Method: cold turkey!

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Hey WesMac, welcome to this great place and the start of your journey.

Reading the threads and posts on here have helped me no end and there is always someone who can relate to any emotion/struggle you are going through.

You sound really positive, keep going you'll be on Day 10 and double figures before you know it.

Good luck :D



Hi Wesmac,think you posted on mine too...for me personally I felt day 3 and 4 were the worst (now finished day 5).

Think ur brave for doing it the good old fashioned way,Iv tried a few times before and only lasted a day and half haha!

Hope we can continue our journey together,good luck! x


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