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Hello all im new

Hi everybody im new here im Billy and in need of a little support i think.

So last year I'd heard alot about these E-cigs, so i went and ordered one just after Christmas received it on the 29th and was pleasantly suprised at how much its like a real ciggarette although I will admit I carried on smoking normal cigs simply because there were there.

Now.. I have a tiny bit left, although im smoking my e-cig more.. when im going out i dont take any cigs with me, on a night relaxing I dont have any cig.. its weird when im sat in on the day I keep thinking ah.. just have the one.. and I know this has to stop its not like I NEED it.. its just the habbit.. because im getting the nicotine from my E-cig.

Now after posting this it'd be greatly appreciated for any tips to come my way, I will keep a regular here im on the internet most of the day every dayalso after posting this it'd be nice to beleive I wont have one more real cig.. also about the E-cig I know its the nicotine which gets us addicted but for the time being Im just trying to find a healthier and less expensive alternative but if i can quit the real cig then its time to wean myself off of the e-cig.

On a more about me note, I am 24.. been smoking 5 years, unemployed and its costing me way too much!!

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Hi Billy first of welcome to the forum but im abit confused as to what help you want this is a none smoking forum for people to stop smoking and if you are going to quit you need to stop smoking ciggys i know afew people that have used the E-cigs to help them in there quit its like any nrt but i think thats the most expensive one you can use but you have to stop smoking the real ciggerettes for the the nrt to work so if your determined to quit set a date and be firm with yourself in stopping smoking and use the E-cigs or another nrt to help you some people choose to just stop and not use anything but whatever one you choose to use there wilbe side effects and cravings as its not just the nicotine you get addicted to in ciggerettes reading posts on what is happening to your body while smoking and what happens when you quit can help you understand better

i wish you good luck for when you quit and you can get as much help as you need from this site for support and advise

onwards and upwards




Hi Billy

Just wanted to say good luck with quitting the cigarettes. A friend of mine used a e-cig to quit smoking and she did really well using it. She cut out the fags completely and just used the e-cig for about 6 weeks, gradually cutting down on the number of puffs she had on it.

You have made a good start with leaving your fags at home when you go out. Maybe you just need to find something to occupy your time and your mind when you are at home during the day. I found boredom a struggle at the start of my quit as when I was bored at home I would always light up too. Maybe go out for a walk to distract you (although in this weather it might not be so much fun lol)



hello and welcome!!:)

any support you need along the way is always here! great people on this forum always ready to help! best of luck on your quit!


Welcome newbies

Hi all newbie quitters,

Welcome to our forum. Hope you find it useful and supportive for your quit journey.

You have thousands of quit buddies ready to support you so don't forget to support them too!

NSD :)


Hello everyone

i just joined. Very pleased to find this site. stopped smoking for 13 years until may 2010 when (resist urge to bang head on nearest post!) i started again. had gone through some very stressful years as a non smoker and it never even occurred to me to light up. Met my new man, who i knew when i was a teenager and smoked roll ups....lo and behold, the "fun button" drew me back in. How stupid can you be! cockily, never occurred to me i'd get addicted again. Well, here i am, and have spent the last year trying and failing to give up. Several hundred pounds of hypnotherapy and alan carr courses (i gave up first time with alan carr was brilliant) here i still am. Vitality, energy etc etc all half of what it was as a non smoker. Also feels like its tough because we are both here a lot together, and he is long term smoker, so it has become big part of our life.

I know cold turkey is the way to go. And i also know i will do it. It took me six years and millions of attempts last time before it became permanent. But, i'm 52 now and no way do i want to take 6 years doing this.

So, i suppose what i hope for here, is help to properly "psych up" for this, and support while i do it.

I know there is no point getting angry and frustrated with myself, or beating myself up with the fear of illness thing. But i really, really want to be a non smoker again.

Sorry for the long message, but i just needed to get that lot off my chest.




Hi Hilary and welcome to the forum you will get as much support as you need from the people on here just try not to be to hard on yourself try planning your quit and setting a date then read about all the stages of withdrawel if you feel you cant do it cold turkey there are plenty of nrt options out there to help you

good luck

onwards and upwards



I'm new as well

thanks for your message Carol. I don't know if i managed to send my first post where anyone much could see it? anyway, new to this site today. Fed up with myself for not managing to give up for the last nearly two years. Had nearly 13 years as a non smoker before starting again. But, determined to crack this again eventually, and really hoping the support of this group will help me


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