No Smoking Day
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Day 3...getting there??!!

Apart from the dreadful insomnia....finally drifted off at c. 7.30 this morning....I feel 'okay' so far on day 3....glad I have some time off to get the worst of the withdrawal symptoms out of the way...serious commendations to people who are working, minding children etc. at the same're super!

Plan for this evening is to go out, buy the ingredients, and then make chicken fahitas, my favourite food!....and to take my time doing so....anything to keep up the distratcion!

What is everyone else doing to distract themselves? How are you finding day 3 or whatever day you're on today?

Best of luck everyone, Keep up the good work

Claire :)

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distraction?! I ate and ate and ate and erm ate....whoops :rolleyes:

Hang in there and come on here for support it helps immensely :)



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