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Cigarettes v NRT Patches (Nicotine amount comparison)?

Hi, on day 3 using NRT patches, Stage 1 21mg I think.

All going well and believe that some of this is attributed to using the NRT.

As a 20 a day smoker (Sterling Superkings Red) I wondered scientifically how the nicotine compares from smoking 20 a day to what's going into my body from the NRT.

Your help appreciated,

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Hey im on the patches as well started this morning. my longest on them was 4 days before and they work a treat only if you dont cheat and have a puff of your friends cig for good old times :p just a suggession, have a inhaler in your house just incase your going to reach for a cig, that way you have a blip without it being a lapse.

I noticed that mucus was clearing from my lungs etc and my sense of smell, taste and overall energy levels increased while on patches. so i think your overall health improves only your still addicted to nicotine. im sure you could live a healthy life on patches forever! x


I used parches on a previous quit. Going by my cigarettes I take in about 10mg of nicotine a day, on the patches it was 25mg. I think if I had stayed on the patches I would have been more hooked on nicotine than when I was smoking. If I had added inhalators or lozenges I am sure I would have been over dosing.

Next time is cold turkey purely down to that

Confused? Surely you would be taking in 10mg of nicotine per cigarette? Therefore isn't it the case that on 20 a day, daily consumption is 200mg?


How does this relate to the stronger cigarettes then? i.e. B and H?


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