DAY 3 and got really sick!?

Im so annoyed right now. i went into my third day yesterday morning and i woke up with tosils the size of golf balls, temperture and a cold. I had to be somewhere for 9am and dirve quite far so i had enough! i really was not craving a cigerette, i didnt actauly want one! but i did because i didnt want to kill myself driving in country lanes (thats how bad i felt!)

It was my first cold turkey attempt, and the craving side was suprisingly easy, but the withdrawal made me sick for god sake!

i have put a patch on today and im planning to wean myself off a little bit before i try again, as maybe the shock is what made me sick.

anyone else experience this at all? xx

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  • The stress you've experienced from quitting may have lowered your immune system so you've caught a bug.....I've noticed that when I'm stressed out (smoking or otherwise) I get tonsilits and other infections. Rather than reach for the NRT (unless you want to that is) could try boosting your immune system. Also when you give up the fags your body is deficient in vitamin C which also helps the immune system. Drink plenty of orange juice/vitamin tablets as well. Should keep the bugs away. Hope you get better soon.

    Lisa x

  • Hmmm just thinking about it though.....withdrawal for me also produced post nasal drip (runny nose), cough, sore throat, and cold sweats. So readup on withdrawal from nicotine symptoms too. If they are making quitting unbearable then maybe a slow drop in nicotine may be the best for you. However, I chose to quit smoking when I had some annual leave from work and I didn't have other things on the go. This let me go to bed if I was feeling crap if I wanted too. Good luck with your quit. Sorry for the conflicting advice. If your symptoms went away after having a few cigarettes then it'll be withdrawal symptoms as this wouldn't affect a cold.

    Lisa x

  • Thank you for the reply, yeah thats why i was annoyed that i had a ciggy was because althogh my head felt instantly better (i had real bad brain fog) i then realised when my head felt better i indeed had a cold/flu.

    i also started the detox the morning after a night out drinking, which in itself lowers your immune system. so just wrong preperation on my part.

    But i will follow your advise, and use NRT to detox of ciggies rather than nicotine, then chose a day to quit that i feel healthy and have time off after!

    why did we ever start ay!? xx

  • Indeed...I could kick myself for starting smoking. Get well soon and good luck. Sounds like you've got your head in the right place (if you know what I mean). Which is ace cos you're feelign sick as well.

    Lisa x

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