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Day 4



I have been lurking for a few days and decided to make a thread. I am currently on day 4 and using one of those plastic nicotine sticks. I live with my partner and we both decided to stop on new years day. I had my last smoke at midnight exactly.

I am 26 and have been smoking for 8 years. I have previously stopped for 2 months when I was 19, I can't really remember why I started again though, I just remember my mum telling me to smoke again as I was so angry all the time. My mum died of cancer in Sep 2010 so that is 1 reason why I want to stop as I have seen what it could do to me.

Day 1 was easy. Day 2 was very hard, and day 3 was my first day back at work after the Christmas holidays so it was even harder. My dad told me to break the habit of a few smoking places for example to stop smoking in my car for a week or so, which I completey ignored....he stopped smoking more than 10 years ago now, which leaves me the only family member who smoked.

I was rolling my own cigarettes and smoked about 15 a day.

At the minute I am very unmotivated and can't be bothered to do anything when I get home :( I have watched the 'How to stop smoking easy' videos and they make me laugh as they are so true and make you realise why you think the way you do.

Good Luck to everyone!

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Hi and welcome to the forum

Well done on deciding to stop smoking some days are going to be bad but they do start to get easier and finding this forum you will have as much support as you want if you click on quick links scroll down to social groups there is an new year revolutions group that just started you could join that and as your all going through the same stages you wilbe able to see each others progress and get extra support from your fellow quitties

im not going to lie and say its all going to be easy peasy but i will say that in time you will start to feel better and sometime in the future its never the same for all but you will go a whole day without even thinking about a ciggy:eek: sounds unbeliavable doesnt it?

but its true plus one of the biggest just think of all that money you are saving and even better not giving to the government anymore :D how much they make each time a pack or pouch is sold is daylight robbery

keep your hands and mind busy when you are getting a craving and it will pass

onwards and upwards is the way to go



I seem to have a cramp feeling in my stomach today, so much it almost makes me want to be sick :(

My gums also really hurt. I have had gum problems for quite a while now which is probably down to smoking but last night I was up most of the night in pain from it. It also spreads to my ear :( I'm often at the dentist for tablets as I get gum infections a lot. Due for a few teeth to come out too.....another reason to stop. It's destroying my mouth and teeth.

Not much craving today but don't feel too good.

Sorry to hear that PT5.

I would definitely go and see your dentist to get some treatment and/or advice. If you have teeth that need to come out (a little surprising to me given the number of smokes you use to have and the length of time you've smoked for, so not entirely sure it's smoking related), then they need to come out ASAP.

It's never good to ignore pain, especially dental pain.

Things start to improve after day 3, so don't cave!

Sorry to hear you're not feeling very well PT5...but clearing your system from the crap we've subjected it too is gonna take a little while (not too long so hang on in there!).

As for your teeth....smoking is bad for your teeth as it promotes the growth of bad bacteria which contributes to gum disease. I have a loose tooth due to gum disease and only just saved it from coming out. Stopping smoking will be the best thing you can do for your oral health. I had painful gums and a burning tongue (weird) when I gave up. They're reawakening again after all that time exposed to the shit in cigarette smoke (yuck). Hang on in there, no pain no gain but it's realtively short lived and very doable. Keep going to the dentist....just ask if the teeth can be saved though, some unscrupulous dentists offering NHS treatment would rather whip then out as it's cheaper than trying to save them. Oh and the other best thing you can do to prevent gum disease and save your teeth is flossing. I'm amazed at the amount of crap that gets stuck between your teeth (yuck).

Lisa x

I have a few fillings and I also need some. Some of the teeth are ruined so the smoke gets inside and damages the gum. I'm not a dentist so not sure exactly what happens but that seems the jist of it. I have another dentist appointment on the 17th.

Years of not looking at my teeth as a kid and not listening to parents :rolleyes:

I sit in my car on my dinner so I don't get disturbed and after I ate it I usually have about 20mins spare so it was really hard to focus. I usually smoke a few in my 40min dinner break. But I didn't do it :) Though I kept having thoughts saying what's the point in fighting against it :rolleyes: I kept strong though :p

Day 5

Well I made it to day 5.

I have been thinking about why I struggle and probably a lot of people do, it is probably very obivous but for me it is the fear of feeling and craving for a cigarette like this forever. It is so hard to think it will be ok after a while.

Sometimes I just feel so unhappy but try to think I was happy before I started smoking.

I am using my plastic nicotine thing a lot less now. It isn't constantly attached to my mouth!

Good luck to everyone else.

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