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Hi all! I'm kim, and am coming to end of day 3 of no smoking. I came on this site about 2 years ago when i quit, but STUPIDLY i went back to smoking after 5 months.... worst thing i ever did!! Anyway, i took the plunge again and gave up on new years eve as i'm seriously fed up of being a slave to the fags. they are unattractive, expensive, smelly and very bad for me... so why so hard to give up?! I have been having very bad cravings pretty much constantly so far, and brain fog is awful, but hoping it'll get better from here on in!! i seem to remember it getting better after a few days last time. am going cold turkey so prob making it harder than it has to be! anyway, have been reading you guys' posts over last few days, and they are very encouraging so thanks!! here's to a better day 4 :-) x

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Hi Kim and welcome :) Well done on deciding to quit there is anew year quit group you could join as your all going through the same stage so can get extra support from each other

Onwards and upwards

Regards Carol


thank you carol! how do i find thenew year quitters??:confused:


Oh on the bar acrross the page click on Quick Linis then Social Groups scroll down to New Year Revelutions click on that and it should have something on there to click to join hehe all this clicking im sounding like a horse neeeghhhh :p


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