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No Smoking Day
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Day 3 missing a fag but determined!

Hi all,day 3,think its been the hardest day so far,got patches and the plastic in haler thingy lol.I am missing my 5 min fag chill out time in the garden and after a cuppa or a meal.Should I stop drinking tea maybe?!.Chest feels tight and feel kinda lost if that makes sense.Everyone telling me it will get easier and am so so determined,just wondering when this intense feeling,like I don't know what to do with myself will ease?.I have been on a bike ride to try to relax this morning and am chomping on carrots,just feel like I have lost a big part of my life,how sad! x x

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Ahh bless you :( its natural to feel like you but i promise you these feelings will pass and you will come to a time where you wont even think of a ciggy:eek: i know that seems impossible but its true you just have to remember to keep hands and mind busy when a craving hits it will pass

Btw :D well done on getting to day 3

Your doing so well even if you dont think you are


Thanks Carol

Thanks so much hun for your words.I know it will get easier just feel a lil crazy today,I can't stop thinking about smoking,like every other minute.I will get there,gotta keep positive.Did you feel very tired when you stopped? x x x


Keep going apparently day 3 is the worse one you can do it your doing great :D


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