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Day 2- not so bad???

Hiya guys......

so yesterday wast the first day and I suffered like hell, i even cried towards the end of the day.

But today just dosent seem so bad! I've had one piece of gum and not really feeling overly bothered about needing a death stick!

Thats not to say I'll feel the same tommorrow or even the day after. My first day I literally had horrible sweats all day and wanted to kill someone so this feels good. How is everyone else feeling? xx

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Hi Siany

What a horrible day yesterday......maybe keep this post handy, so when on days down the line you are having a bad day, compare it to that one?

Giving up smoking brings all kinds of emotions and life changes, some of which come up and bite you right where you're least expecting it.

You're doing great, keep going and use this forum to help, there are some amazing people on here, without who, reading their posts and their struggles I do not think I would have come as far as I have.

Keep positive :D


Hi Siany,

I'm on day 2 as well....Finding today a good bit harder tbh but this site is a great distraction and also support....keep up the good work....we're doing great!!! ;)



Hi there am on day 3 and its been a toughie.Am sat watching tv munching on carrots,inbetween inhaling my plastic nicotine thingy and looking at my back door ( where I used to stand smoking ).Confusing day as would just love to go have a fag,but I am not going to do it.Am a lil un easy in myself,can't quite describe how I feel because am struggling but am very positive too!.Good luck to you all,we can do it! x x x


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