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No Smoking Day
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Day 3, eeeeeeekkkk

Well, I've made it through to day 3 - my alltime previous sticking point, really haven't managed to get past this point before. Slept very well again and am not feeling too grumpy, just unsettled and on edge.

I am craving like billy-o .... what is worse is that my hubbie is back at work and there is only me, who should be working but instead am sitting around on the computer squeezing a kids ball like it was a lifeline. It would be so very easy to have just the one, outside in the wind and rain, with no one to see or tell but I am not going to.

It is great to have the support of this forum plus all my friends keep posting encouragement on FB to keep me going too so I don't want to let them down - especially don't want to let myself down.

What I really need is some help with the cravings - I have abandoned 'smoking' the pen top (thanks Carol) but refuse to suck on sweeties because of huge weight issues. I really have got to get back into working - I am a tailoress/milliner - but I do take frequent breaks which is when the fags normally come out and I go outside in the fresh air and pollute it.

Any ideas gratefully received!!!

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well done on reaching day 3 :D it is hard to try and find something to keep your hands busy what about chopping up raw carrots and munching on a piece actually you could do that with all sorts of none fattening foods and when you pop one in your mouth take your time in crunching on it and drink some water or if you havent got anything none fattening to munch on just drink some water yeah i know you wilbe back and forth to the loo its a hard one to crack :confused: the replacing of smoking with something that isnt going to pile on the pounds actually another thing you could do when you start feeling the urge is to play some of you fav tunes and sing and dance along :D


Hey Pixie,

Well done on stopping:) day 3, you're doing so well, dont give in now!

Ive stopped just over 9 weeks now and i wrote myself a list on my phone so that if i needed something to do to take my mind off it i could look at the list and pick something off it.

I know they are not all going to be viable for everything but i found it helped me:)

Do fake tan, paint nails, fingers and toes, have a bath, go to gym, read a book, do a work out from sky+ , go for a walk, get up from computer and go get a glass of water (sip slowly) / or strong orange juice, brush teeth, chew gum, play a game on compputer, go on ebay, moisturise body, ironing, have a foot spa, washing, ironing, cleaning, wash hair, face mask, write out food menu for the week, sort out underwear drawer, sort out jewellery box.

I know some of thats a bit random but if you make a list like that it can really help you.

And i swear it definitely gets easier.

Good luck! x


Hi Pixie

Try frozen grapes - they have definitely been my saving grace! Sounds weird, but they are a) delicious, b) nearly calorie free, and c) can take quite a long time to eat! Keep both hands and mouth busy!



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