Day 52 and how many ciggies not smoked!

Day 52 and 1530 fags not smoked.....really!!! Is that me, yes it is, in the past when I've given up I've always rewarded myself at 6 weeks with a ciggie, so now nearly 8 weeks and feeling positive, got through a few very tough, social situations like many on here over the festive period. Definitely not smug, proud and grateful that I've got this far.

For those new year quitters, welcome welcome welcome and for all the other lovely members here, keep positive and smiling :D


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    thats a great achievement so what have you been treating yourself to with all that money you have been saving up :)

  • Hi Carol, thanks for the message :D

    Mainly the money has gone on Christmas but from this point on, it's mine lol


  • whohooo fellow NOPE'r well done you :)

  • Well done SaraM. Whoo hoo. Jacqui

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