No Smoking Day
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day 5 or 6?

lost count. I might just stop the counting it only makes me think about what I used to do.

I am still smoke free and think this is it. Done and dusted. Sometimes I see my lighter or the place I used to keep my cigarettes and have a wee tingle of longing. But I am not a smoker anymore and I tell myself that is silly!

I am still drinking LOTS of water and trying to work on my health. Started (wont say the name) 'So an so's' 30 day shred. I am also drinking LOTS and LOTS of water! I got a great water bottle with a flip down straw so I can kinda chew on that sometimes if I feel the 'itch' Actually it is an unconscious thing now I don't want a smoke I just need something in my hands or to chew and better water than food! I do NOT want to gain weight from this!

Thanks again folks for being here!

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counting days hours etc works for some people as it helps them to realise how long it has been since the last one and then gives them motivation to carry on but every one is different the fact that you seem to have it all under control is brill but just be wary that nicorette demon does have ways to try and undermine all your hard work :eek: you just have to try and work through it drinking water is def a good thing but please dont be too hard on yourself if you do put on some weight as the added pressure can get that demon using even sneakier ways to induce you back keeping mind and hands busy and focused when a craving hits helps as it will pass and if it gets bad come on here and post there is always someone around to help you through it

onwards and upwards



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