No Smoking Day
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Day 3.....Wowzer!!!

Well, Ive made it this far!! And to be honest, im quite suprised in myself!!!

Its 1am, and usually, at this time, im in bed, with facebook buddies (another addiction of mine i have to quit lol) playing poker, coffee, and god knows how many ciggys burning away!, but i attempted a couple of hands of cards, got frustrated and gave up, so ended up here, RATTLING ON AGAIN, *many apologies*

If youve been here the past few days youve seen my blah blah, and I hope, to be a regular, until i have completely kicked this demon thats ruling my life, Spoken to a few of you welcoming people in this forum, if ive missed your good luck and motivation messages, im sorry, my mind has been clouded...but each one was taken in and greatly appreciated, its nice to know im not the only one out there going through a hard time!

Il just breifly end my waffling, by introducing myself, Im Kaz, a 34 year old single parent of a 15 year old diva, living in the midlands, been a sucker to the sticks for 20years, through naivity, I believed it would be cool to light up with teenage friends those many moons ago! How wrong i was! And ended up, on a 40+ a day habit, through constant pleas from my daughter to stop, and having an anti smoking partner, and sick to death of an evil cough and wheezing, plus, Im hoping stopping smoking will increase my chances of having a baby....this is me....FINGERS CROSSED!!!:o

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Hi Kaz and welcome you have alot of reasons there that should keep you going and motivated when the low times are there but just remember to take each craving as it comes along and keep mind and hands busy it will pass and they do get easier honestly some days will feel worse then others but again the days do start to get easier and before you know it you will go a whole day without even thinking about a ciggy :eek: shocking thought i know and i know your thinking what is this crazy women saying she dont know me!

but thats the thing i do know and ive been in the same place with someone telling me the same thing and thinking those thoughts but i do not lie

the clouds will lift and you wilbe able to think and see clearly :)

and dont apologise one of the best things about this site is that everyone is either going through the same stages as yourself or have been through them im not sure if there is a january group set up but if there is join it that way the people on there are going through the same stage as yourself and it does help having that extra support

onwards and upwards




Awwww well done Kaz your doing so well :D


Good Morning Carol & Kirsty,


the past 2 mornings have been ok because Ive been at my 'no smoking' boyfriends house, but am back home, on my own with my coffee, and so want to light up.

I think its a good thing that its hacking it down with rain, the only thing thats stopping me going to the ive completely gutted my flat of anything smoking related.

why is this so bloody hard?


it will get easier honestly another thing the nic demon is worse its with association of when you normally light up like when you have a coffee/tea or make a phone call (that was one of my big issues) i started keeping a pen and pad near me so i could doodle instead of smoking when i was on the phone

you just have to either change your routine of doing things or do something else instead of smoking


Yesterday I found myself having a bath to take my mind off it, cleaning, ironing (which I hate!!!) slowly running out of things to do around the house....


You will have days that are difficult. I am having one of those days too :eek:

I try a number of things to get me through it. I accept that I am having a craving but recognise that is all it cant hurt me, its just a feeling and it WILL pass. I take some very deep breaths in and out with my eyes closed and it passes pretty quick. The other thing I do is jigsaw puzzles online - found a site that has small ones that keep your mind distracted for about the same time as a craving lasts. The last thing I try is eating oranges/satsumas....the time it takes for you to peel and eat it is about the same as a craving.

Stick with gets easier I promise :D


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