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No Smoking Day
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Month 3!!

I've made it to month 3!!!!!!!!!!!

Never ever thought I would do this.

So, in the last 3 months (well more like the last month really) I've pranged my car, had my bank account wiped by a fraudster, had my horsebox tampered with, and had a ton of sh*t to deal with at work..... but I'm still here and still not smoking.

I think I've finally cracked this quitting lark.

I wish all of my fellow quitters a very VERY happy new year. May 2012 bring everything you want from life.



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hey there nice post. i am a little bit ahead of you and i think you Are right once you hit 3months things do seem to get easier.happy new year to you too. and may it be a smoke free one.


What a great start to the new year Marie. Well done!

The fact that you have had to face some life challenges along the way just goes to show that smoking never really helped in the first place!


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