I CAN do this!

Day two going great! (so far) I slept late and that helped. The went for a walk before I had my coffee - that helped too.

Watching those videos helped! Now when I have a craving I picture that little monster and it kinda makes me smile though the discomfort. Then went I feel stressed or angry I picture that 'happy meter' and know if I have a ciggy I will feel alittle better but not for long.

I really was fooled into thinking I 'needed' to smoke!

Day two of being a NON smoker bring it on! :)

Thanks everyone for the great information and support yesterday!

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  • Hey , great to see you here in day 2, and your sounding so positive, changing routine sounds really useful , 'they' say it takes 21 days to build a habbit , so just keep going until its second nature

  • OMG u sound wonderfully positive i love this post and what a complete turn a round from yesterday

    so glad u are having a good day stay strong u can so do this

  • Going great. The first day is the worst and you are over it - magic :)

    There are some social groups you can join for further support - have a look around.

  • Thanks again. I am trying to be positive. Plus I got a BIG secret! I just found out LAST NIGHT I am pregnant! Ok so it is VERY early (4 weeks) but what wonderful motivation. I can't just think about what I want and I have to stick with this being a non smoker thing!

    I was able to quit cold turkey 9 years ago when I got pregnant with my eldest son. I only picked up the 20+ a day habit AGAIN 4 years ago.

  • Wow, that's fabulous news, congratulations!

    I quit both times for about a year and a half with both my boys, but as soon as they were weaned, virtually straight away, I started again. I hadn't quit in my head then, I'd just put it on pause.

    I know you'll make this your forever quit. And what fabulous incentive. I'm chuffed to bits for you.

    Helen x

  • Congratz NYC Girl That is great news!

    U have started a new era in your life.

    Well done and Congratz :)

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