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day 97


hi everybody now on day 97 . to all of you new quitters out there keep going because by the time you reach 3 months things will be much easier. by this time you will of got used to dealing without cigarettes . that's what it is like for me anyhow. i am not saying you won't think about them from time to time but it will not be like the cravings you had at the start of your quit. so hang in there you can do this. best of luck to all that read this post.

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e cigs

i am using am electronic imitation cigarette on this quit and it is working very well so far. i have tried virtually every other means of quitting apart from champix . out of the things I've tried this is by far the easiest way i have found to do this. i have also cut down my nicotine from 36 to 18 mg over this time and will be trying cold turkey in about a month. if this fails then i will try and cut the nicotine level back to 12 mg and try again in another month. time shall tell if this works. have a nice smoke free day.

Big big achievement, keep positive. Happy New Year :)

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