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Back again..last visit 2009!!

Stopped smoking for 50th bday pressie to myself on 14/12/2011. On logging on realised I was a member in August last serious quit..i refuse to smoke in my fifties but having difficult time over the holiday period ...gaining weight..getting withdrawals...both manageable but can't cope with how depressed..sensitive teary and bored I feel..sure it will get beta..using 15mg patches for 16hrs a day ..and lozengers..i am going to do this :)

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Welcome back Doreen, I hope that you make a complete recovery and this time you do not have the slightest blip slip whatever you want to call it.

At least you have the strength to come back and get some support from the forum, it may not be the same crowd exactly but the members are just as good and will give you a helping hand all the way up to the Penthouse.


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