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No Smoking Day
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Day 4

Day 4 again and Im getting there. I now feel the same as I did last time and know that I can do this.

Having this site and all of the people on it really helps me.

So Im half way through the first week, Ive had a nice Christmas is my new home. My lounge, kitchen and dining area all look lovely, just the bedrooms to do now.

I know I had the worst time ever a few weeks ago, but as they say nothing happens without a reason, and without all of the hullaballo I wouldnt be sitting in my own place again.

I have my youngest son and his girlfriend staying with me over Christmas and I have my grandson tonight as its my oldest sons birthday and they have gone out. None of this would have been possible if I was still at my parents,so all is well in Lillie's world.

To cap it all off I am a non smoker again :D:D

I hope everyone has a great New Year.

Lillie xxxxx

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Lillie's world sounds very happy :)


hey lillie

seems a few of us took a dive over the festive season. i only had two roll ups and to be honest i still feel like I've been quit for 3 months so i think this is going to be quite easy for me . good luck with your new quit.


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