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fell into the trap

Just started week 3 and bloody failed.

Boxing day has always been a traditional full day session on the drink with the father-in-law and the squad. I got the smoking urge after 4 pints and had 5 of the little white sticks by the 6th beer.

I feel like crap (as does my mouth) and want to knock my own head off! Bloody bollocks sh*t buggar and cancel christmas!!!!:mad:

However, up this morning, crushed the rest of the little white sticks and threw them in the bin.

I am not going to let a hiccup like this stop me.

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Don't let a momentary action spoil your quit Dicko.

It's a difficult time of year..loads of temptation, triggers, change of routine congratulate yourself on only having a few fags.

Don't beat yourself up, forget your blip and carry on like it never happened.

Loads of luck



I'm sure you're not the only one who's had a blip over Christmas - but what's done is done the only way is forward, onwards, upwards ... 3 weeks is a massive achievement and you HAVEN'T undone all the good work if you use it to strengthen your resolve. I find being angry with myself can really increase my determination and stubborness ... so just direct all that at your quit and you'll be fine!

I'm pretty sure the only reason I didn't do exactly the same is that I wasn't with any smokers over Christmas!



The terrible 3s

Hi Dick, sorry that you had a minor setback, I am a great believer in the belief that the Nicco Demon loves to hang around the threes and see if he can tempt you to have a quicki and of course the 3 week mark is the worst, tell him to go sling his hook and as we all say Onwards and Upwards, the higher you get on the smoke free ladder the further from the Nicco Demon you get as he is a sloathe most of the time and stays on the ground, mustnt forget that he can jump quite high when he feels that we are weakened though so be on your guard.

Beware of New Years eve as well that will also be a hard one for you if the drink is a trigger :eek:


Me Too

I failed too Dicko :(

I had two cigarettes on Boxing Day too. Found Christmas Day to be a real struggle coz of personal stuff and just gave into it on Boxing day.

But got up today determined not to let a small setback finish me and quite frankly that sodding Nicodemon can bugger off :D

Stick with it Dicko.....we started our quit on the same day and we had a setback on the same day so lets stick with it and carry on to the end :cool:


I am not going to let a hiccup like this stop me.

Well ultimately - that is what matters. Remember how this made you feel and use it to strengthen your resolve in future.

And I agree with Jamangie - might be smart to have a strategy in place for new years eve...


Cheers all you ex-addicts. ;) Yes booze is the nasty trigger so its a good job I only go out about 3 times per year (there's those nasty 3's again).

I do have a strategy under my belt - it's called A Carr - and I have just started to read it. Up to second chapter and it makes mega-sense, should of read this book years ago. :)

Had a weed-free day yesterday after my blip on boxing day.


Hey Dicko, put it behind you and get back on that wagon!!!!

You can do it, you know you can!!! :D


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