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December Struggle

So, been stopped quite a while and been tempted a few times in December. First one was my work night out... Took someone with me who turned out to be a smoker. Really fancied popping out with her for one.

Then weekend in hospital had me driven mad with frustration, boredom, loneliness... To the extent that a fag would have cleared all of that in one go. It wouldn't, I know... but at the time, it would have!

Next weekend, two more Christmas parties.

Yesterday, rushing about doing my Christmas shopping, then going to gym and such like was fine. But on the drive home for Christmas, I just felt like I could pull in at the nearest garage and buy a pack.

Today, kinda fancy one again. I now have tonight and a big day planned tomorrow with alcohol and other smokers.

Not really struggling as such... more, reminded of being a smoker and fancying one. So far so good though. I hope everyone else is keeping off of them :)

Merry Christmas!!!

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