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Day 7 and failed

Hi, a newbie here and decided I need some help.

Seven days without a cigarette and after a morning in tears because I'm not with my family at Christmas (I don't actually celebrate Christmas anymore but it's a family time for me)... and I went and bought a packet and smoked one. I can already feel my lungs tighten up again when all week they have felt clear. The previous days have been relatively easy and only a few cravings but today so far has been tough.

I am gutted that i am so weak and disappointed in myself.

Another thing i've noticed is that when i have a craving i want to eat something and my weight is bad enough as it is without the thought of putting on more. I cannot cope with additional weight gain but i also realise that logically, how can i even think about exercise when i'm puffing due to smoking!! No sense.

I DONT' want to go back to smoking again and I know that i cannot let a relapse hold me back. Never quit quitting.

Just have to get back on again and make a mental note of why I relapsed and ask others.. how can i prevent this happening again?


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Hi Effy

Well done for not letting one ciggy ruin your attempts to quit. I found that it helped to observe my cravings, become aware of what triggered them, and see what they were really made of. Most of them were surprisingly short lived, and I found ways of dealing with them that didn't give them more power. For me, this involved finding my "inner Zen" - the quieter and calmer I could remain, the easier it was to send them on their way without any suffering.

This site is so useful - read other people's experience, and let us know how you are getting on.

Good luck


hello there effy

merry xmas

firstly dont beat yourself up over 1 ciggie stressing yourself out over it wont change anything so why stress thats what i say (just screw that pack up and toss it in the bin you are stronger than that)

we have had an extremely bad day also gf ex decided to not return gf daughter from visit and nothing can be done until the courts reopen has been very stressful day but what does not kill us can only make us stronger

as for the weight issue trust me im a big guy and if a few kilos is due to quitting i say bring em on i know if i want to get rid of them i just need to start some exercise but im concentrating on my quit right now always been big and had trouble trying to control weight but then hey i am who i am and i really dont care what anyone else thinks (part of my new no stress dont care plan lol)

you are not weak you have just had a bump in the road i know i would just about kill for a ciggie right now stressful day bad cravings all day and night

but got a good answer for ya NOPE not one puff ever

you could try what i do if the craving is really bad i breathe in thru my nose deeply then hold it for a second as if you are smoking a ciggie then i exhale thru my mouth like a ciggie then repeat as many times as needed then i envision the butt being thrown on the ground and i stomp on it give it a try works for me.



One week, 1 hour, 29 minutes and 10 seconds. 423 cigarettes not smoked, saving $216.09. Life saved: 1 day, 11 hours, 15 minutes.


Hi up smoking is the hardest thing had a falter....don't get stuck on that....move right on by.....

I need to lose some poundage....but hey one thing at a time.......I'm 6 weeks in to my no smoking and in January I'll feel able to tackle the weight gain......

take each day one by one and come on here for support...we all know what you are going through

you can do this :)


Hiya Effy

I know how youre feeling. I was in my 3rd month and gave in and had one. If you really want to stop you will know that its right for you. The people on this forum are amazing, they helped me to get back on track and I KNOW they will help you too.

Take one day at a time sweet,and when that craving comes at you put it off for 5 mins, by the end of that time the need for one will be gone.

We are all here for you, keep posting, ask for help when you need it and you will come through this.

The Best of luck

Lillie xxx


Your back on track again and that's the main thing. :)


Hi Effy ever heard of HALT it means hungry angry lonely tired and for any addiction it is useful to ask yourself wether you are feeling any of those things when you think about having a cigarette. a cigarette becomes the replscement for any of those conditions, so next time u get a crave HALT and think sometimes something aS simple as needing water can trigger a crave and xmas is one huge trigger iv had loads of near misses. HALT make it a mantra.

Mash x:cool:


I am do pleased to see HALT is continued to be used as a tool. It's one you can keep in your head at all times when you are away from the forum. I still use it 3 years on very occasionally and it still works. Don't worry about the weight either. It settles eventually when your metabolism evens out. It can be tempting to use the weight issue as a reason to go back to smoking. It's not worth it.


Thanks for the support!

Hi everyone, firstly Happy New Year!!! I didn't realise I had any responses so have not been on here. Today was delighted to see your support.

How are you all, how is the non-smoking holding up? Hope everyone is hanging in there, doing ok and looking forward to a year of being non smokers!

Well, that packet of cigarettes I bought went straight down the loo. Everything was back on track until I went back to work after the new year. I was anticipating this especially as a co-worker (just one in my office) smokes. My job has been extremely stressful for the last 6 months and it's a long story so before I quit I felt the need to smoke every half hour. So I knew going back to work would be a very difficult test. First day, I had one. Then last week my husband accidentally ran a cat over :-( .. I had another. Since then, nothing. I don't want to go back to smoking.

The cravings come but they do go. I no longer wake up with the craving, still occasionally after a meal or if I'm bored so I do the fake smoking LOL.. put an invisible cigarette to my mouth and breathe deeply... it REALLY DOES do the trip. I guess it's all about breathing more than smoking. I remember reading years ago about this.

And the weight.. like many of you, one thing at a time, let's get some healing first!

Thanks again for being there.. and keep at it... we can't let it beat us!! :cool:


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