No Smoking Day
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Day 4. . . No, Wait. . . It's Day 5!

Well, here I am on day 5. I'm not really sure what happened to day 4 -- how odd! :confused:

I've got an appointment with my quit nurse tomorrow. Even though I quit 5 days ago. :) I've really fancied a smoke today. Not so much as a craving as a 'I wonder what it would feel like after 5 days without?' Nice try, but I'm not falling for that old trick. I don't want to smoke again. I'm done with it. The cravings can try their best -- if I have to face the rest of my life fighting them, then I will. I'd rather live with that than the alternative. It's an extremely small price to pay, and I'll pay it gladly.

But I've heard that they get better with time? My father said he's never fancied a cigarette since quitting (except in the beginning, of course). Same goes for a friend of mine who quit a few years ago. But I've heard of others who get cravings after a long time smoke free. Maybe I'll end up like my dad? Maybe, though, I'll give-in at some point and smoke the odd cigarette after quitting for years? Who knows? I think everyone's different. It would be nice to hear the experiences of some longer-term quitters. :)

Even at this early stage, I find myself wondering how the hell I could stick 40 of those. . . things in my mouth and set fire to them. Or why! I just woke-up, I suppose. Maybe I'd go as far as to say I grew-up? I'll tell anyone who will listen that meeting my better-half saved my soul. I was in a very dark place, and a very special person gave everything they could to help me out. I think it just took a while for me to realise it, that's all. Smoking is part of my past; part of the old me. Part of someone very different to the person I've now become. I'm starting to like that person, and I think I'd like them to stick around for a good while yet. ;) I have a new life to live, and a new path to follow. I'll never get the back those wasted years, and the clock's still ticking as I type. I've got a lot of catching up to do, so I need to get cracking. Wish me luck.

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Hi legs

I too have friends who have packed in the weed and have similar stories to tell. I was out with one of them last week who stopped 5 years ago and he still gets the cravings to have one now.

You are right, everyone is different - and its fun finding out. Try the December club. :cool:


Well Done

Hey Legs

Well done on getting through the first few days. You are doing fantastically :D



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