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Month Three Sucks

Man oh man. For about 10 days now, been having wicked cravings. Can't focus, can't concentrate, can barely work. I know all about hitting the terrible 3 month mark, but didn't think it would be this bad.

For those in or past three months, does it get better? Do I have to fight through the next 30 days like this? Does it slowly ease up over the month?

p.s. I don't need encouragement, I need advice from those who have been through this bit.

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I'm afraid it's the good ol' try and divert your mind advice - I know that doesn't really help. There isn't one hard and fast rule to suggest the cravings will stop in the next 30 days or 3 years - it's just the way your body and mind works.

I essentially did anything and everything I could to keep busy for the first few months whether it be play my guitar, play with my daughter, make bread (odd but this really helped).

Worked for me, I can't say I've ever suffered a craving.


Month three is hard, you just need to keep on ploughing through it and things will settle again.

As for advice, I'll offer back the advice you gave me......move on, be strong ;)


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