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Better at smelling

Hi all

Just got back from Asda and realised my sense of smell is much improved. Its not Asda that smells, its the shoppers! I could tell a smoker from 3 paces away, and outside of the main entrance I was overwhelmed by the cigarette ashbins.

Gosh, am I becoming a nasal snob?

The smell of smoke does not actually bother me whatsoever. It's just I am not used to my new super-smell-ability.


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ha ha I know exactly what you mean.........however it makes me heave now.....can't stand it........:eek:


I noticed that on day 3 too, i had a lift home from a work mate who still smokes (normal routine comming out of work is for us to both light up) When she lit up in the car i nearly puked, all the way home i was feeling ill (20-25 min drive) when i eventually got out of the car i just took a deep breath before i nearly puked.

Now when walking around shops where smokers are/have been... smell of it makes me want to heave :( Dont know how im going to manage christmas day, my dads a smoker an they are comming up for the day.


Ask your dad to smoke outside to support you.

Your work-mate also needs to do the same.


I respect my work mates right to smoke in her car though hun... nothing worse than telling someone what to do when they are helping you out. She gives me a lift home from work when on shift with me and it saves me bus fair/time on bus's/time waiting for bus's in cold. Tbh im glad it makes me sick rather than makes me crave one :)

As for my dad, i dont mind him smoking around me either, yes it will be hard to avoid puking cause of the smell, but its my dad... seeing my dad smoke wont make me want to smoke again.

I spose my reply wasnt clear. I meant to say how my sense of smell had increased to the point of smelling smoke be it fresh or stale makes me feel ill... where as when i was a smoker the smell never bothered me, i never really could smell it unless id not had one for an hour or 2 and the craving was "there" so to speak... the smell was always.... alluring? lol


You are right. i suppose it's impossible to get away from the smell of smoke because its all around us, be it outside a pub, shop, restaurant, fellow worker or relation.



Had a 20 min jog this morning along our coast road. I could tell if the driver of a passing car was smoking just by the smell - there must be a drift of smoke in the car's wake - Wow what an extra power I have developed. I wonder if I can get an extra job as a drug sniffer with the police? :p


I too have gotten some of my smell back..its wierd, but I like it! I used to have to be right up on a flower to smell it! Yes another smoker is like Yikes! And that used to be ME?????? Gheezzz... I suspect things will get even better! Starting week 2 tomorrow.. Can't wait!


A double-edged sword at times, but generally I am happier to have my senses operating at full capacity again!


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