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De Novo's from November 2009 Roll Call

I've seen posts from octoquitters from 2009 and some from december 2009.

I cant be the only De Novo.

So time for a roll call me thinks.

A little late but much mutual congrats and stuff is in order.

So to kick off, still a non smoker. Trying to be one of those dreadful ex-smokers and be a pain to everyone but to be honest, it really doesn't bother me at all.

Actually I lie, I've never given up, I cheated. I got flu [proper full on flu not man flu] and couldnt get out of bed for a 2 weeks. I didn't give up, I just didn't start again. I really don't know if that's the key, I've convinced my self that I haven't quit, just not started again. I have said [tongue in cheek] that I will start again when I'm 84.

Any road up, for those just starting out, do what it takes, what ever lies you have to tell yourself, DO IT! You've been twisting the truth about smoking for years - you know it'll kill you but hey [insert your own lie].......

Knock them on the head because the money is great, you'll feel better and you can become SO SMUG :D

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I also gave up in November 09, and cant believe how quick its gone :)


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