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No Smoking Day
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Day 99

Not that I'm actually counting the days, or even weeks anymore - had to check on my quit counter. After midnight on Sunday, I'll be into treble digits for days :D

I have to say, I'm really enjoying not having to stand outside in this miserable weather! And even better, it means that on a weekend I can stay in my pjs, with a dressing gown and two blankets wrapped around me, rather than having to get dressed just to stand outside.

My smoking dreams have stopped for now (yay!), but I've gone back to nightmares about spiders (bah!). Not sure which I'd rather have actually :confused:

Right, I'd better get some xmas shopping done, haven't started yet :eek:

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I am so Happy for you i think back to a "Few" weeks ago when you were so d:(wn.

I cant believe it's the same you ! WELL done on "nearly" reaching treble figures :)


Hey Jen, that is really brilliant, well done you :D

And talking of standing outside, well, I came down from my flat yesterday evening and found my neighbour's friend standing in the doorway smoking, and it was absolutely freezing :eek: And she's no spring chicken either (says Zoe cattily :o) Bet she was p***ing icicles afterwards!! And I don't know what she was smoking but the smell was so horrifying I really had to stop myself from saying 'cor, you stink', nearly said it though oops!! Anyway, that got rid of any potential cravings I might have had last night, eeuughh!!

Glad you doing so well Jen, don't think I will be in the same room as you now until the 6 month+ now. Oh well, you will have time to redecorate and re-stock the booze cupboards before I get there :D


Zoe xx


Really well done Jen - I knew you could do it! 1:D:D days!

Hope that you have something lovely lined up for a celebration!



well done :D:D

Been missing your posts. :p


Well done! Massive landmark. I'm keeping my eye on the days now as I get closer to the big 100 too. Great work you!


Hey Jen,

Gary said it pretty well there, but compared to where you have been at some points along the way, its great to see you so excited! I share in that with you!

I'm proud of you!



Well done Jen

100 days is such a great achievement. I remember feeling really chuffed I had reached that milestone. :D

Keep going.



omg that is amazing well done jen, i am so gonna chase that milestone and grab it with both hands, you should be sooooooooooo proud of job done



Well done you :) I know you had a tough time of it and its great to see you back and so positive and SO STILL QUIT!!! Funny my morning cig was my favourite and the one I could never imagine doing without and I never even think of having one in the morning now. If I do get smoking thoughts (can't really call them craves now) they are completely random but never first thing in the morning. Yes, I've seen people up and down like yoyos going outside for a fag, mostly at work and I certainly don't envy them:D


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