No Smoking Day
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Here I am!!

Urggh, what a terrible day :mad: Can't believe only yesterday I was saying I was finding it easy cos today I am not. Been feeling grumpy and miserable all day, plus had to go out and its pouring with rain and gales here. I am frozen and a soggy mess and it will take me a couple of days to get my coat dry. I think my 'rage' has peaked two days late, cos I have been swearing at streams of passing cars like a trooper, cos I couldn't get across the road :o and was getting wetter and wetter. Feel like an idiot now. And I have not got around to eating today yet. And this library is driving me nuts cos if a computer is booked I have to move every 30 mins grrrr. But because I am so wet I have left wet bum prints on at least three chairs now heehee, so heaven help the people after me :D I have had several craves today but I am not buying into it and refuse to get into a five hour argument with a stupid plant like I used to on my previous quit. With rocket fuel in it. Yeah, right, like I want some of that :eek: So I will NOT be smoking tonight.

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to get it out of my system.

Hope I have a better day tomorrow, and everyone is having a good day today.

Zoe xxxx

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Hiya Zoe,

Its a bad day! There said it... Sorry you've had a rough one, I really hope you're feeling better soon. I know what you mean about the little things annoying, its going to happen hon, you know, I know, we all know... But it will get better soon - at least thats what I'm telling myself... You're doing so well Zoe, hang in there...

Hope you're all tootsie warm now too... Its a horid feeling when you're drenched through. I think a lot of this and indeed a lot of things are tempered by your state of mind... Often when I'm out in the rain I'll hold my head up high look up and close my eyes, its as if the rain is washing all the worries away, I convince mysel fit is refreshing and it starts to feel like that - well a little anyway, lol...

Hang in there Zoe, and hope the vening is a nice relaxing one for you :)


hey zoe

hey zoe sorry you're having a tough time . can't stand getting soaked , hope things improve for you . best of luck for the next few days.


LOL I got caught in a downpour today too, I was soaked to the skin as I only had a cardi on.

I thought about you this morning, homes under the hammer was on and they were looking at a house in Cardiff, I sat up and thought Oh Zoe is there, wonder how she is today.

So now I know, it was a crap day. You have been here before and you know how to beat days like this. I have no doubt you will get to 50 days again and then surpass it.

Hold on in there Zoe

Lillie xxx



All I can say is come to Sunny South Africa LOL.

Jokes aside, it seems to me this time around you are better prepared for your quit, do you remember your state of mind round days 4-5 last quit? you had a torrid time of it!:(.

Soo armed with the experianced gained from the last quit and all of us, the time is now! stay strong and dont let life get you or your quit down!

Regards Gary


Thanks guys and I didn't smoke :D

And by the time I left the library I had left wet bum prints on at least six seats hee hee :eek: Well, I get so annoyed when I get kicked off a computer just so someone can fool around on facebook while I am trying to get the support I need to save my life :mad:

And Karri, don't put ideas in my head:

and if it makes you feel better swearing at the cars then go for it. Just make sure it doesn't have a blue light on the top

That made me hoot but it is going to happen to me one day, I just know it :D

Then you can all send cakes with files in them to me in Holloway or the nearest loony bin or whatever LOL but at least I won't be smoking!!

Zoe xx


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